About Us

CDMorris Technical Services is incorporated in Hong Kong in order to provide storage test support and services in both Asia (including mainland China) as well as the United States.

Currently the bulk of our experience is in software for the Flexstar Technology line of products.  Via remote connection or at your site anywhere in the world, we can instruct, consult, or provide finished P25 test scripts or Java plugins designed for use in Flexstar systems.  As soon as possible we will also learn to develop test suites for other storage test systems such as Tanisys and Advantest by leveraging our existing storage test knowledge base.

Our training courses cover everything from initial setup of Flexstar software through advanced scripting and plugin writing.  We are experienced in Flexstar’s implementation of JEDEC and SNIA standard compliant test packages as well as their test methodologies for the latest PCIe hardware using SAS, SATA/AHCI or NVMe protocols.  Of course testing the standard legacy ATA/SATA and SCSI/SAS protocols are also included.

CDMorris Technical Services is managed by Carl Morris, formerly a software and applications engineer and trainer at Flexstar Technology from 2011-2015.