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I've been a musician since I was a kid, doing the piano lessons thing, and learning country standards from my dad on bass. About a year after high school I joined the Army (101st Airborne Division) Band. One unusual part of this was that in the army I rejoined my old drummer, Shane Wagner, from my high-school garage band days who had joined the army before I did. He soon got sent to Hawaii, but his successor, Mike Swope, was great to work with, too, and is now the drummer for Louise Mandrell (of the Mandrell Sisters). I'm much more of a rock fan than a country fan, but nevertheless my first CD appearance has been released and is (you guessed it) a country album by a person that I was in the Wyoming National Guard Band with, Kathy Sabo. After 1996 I didn't do anything for a long time, but now I've started to pick it back up again, concentrating on guitar this time.

My personal tastes run heavily toward 80's rock. I know it's not cool now, but there was some good stuff out back then and it's not my fault that everyone else was devoting their lives to Poison and Motley Crue. The musicians that have changed my life in some way are in order, as follows:

Keep in mind that when I talk about writing, I'm talking about musical composition. The fact that Pearl Jam may compose the greatest rock lyrics of all time (or some would try to tell me), means nothing to me.